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Welcome to our wonderful world of chickens...

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Nothing has changed here at Brackenholme Hall, we are still poultry-mad ~ just building a new website as we grow and develop.


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VISITORS SATURDAYS ONLY please note that our open hours are Saturdays 9.30am - 1pm,

May I ask that visitors refrain from 'calling in on the off chance' during the week to the farmhouse. We would not consider doing this to anyone else, please do not do this to us!

Please come on Saturday mornings between 9.30am and 1pm at a time to suit you.

 Tel: 01757 638925 or sales@brackenholmehall.co.uk

Luke, with one of our POL hen flocks:


If you are only able to keep a few birds then you want the ones that will be most suitable and productive for you. Our breeds and hybrids are the ones we have, in our experience, found to be great birds, productive and easy to keep and child friendly. It is through our own experiences we have chosen these hens, I would not like any child to be pecked or be afraid of a hen, or never find an egg for breakfast!

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